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To be a successful tournament bass fisherman, you need to think differently and act differently, than those you share the water with. We know because we are tournament anglers. We obsess over the little things, we are always tinkering, and always looking for an edge. A better way to present a bait, a way to get a little more distance out of the cast, a better tool for ripping the hogs out of the thickest cover. It is this mindset that created Witch Doctor Tackle – the premier manufacturer of custom built, situation-specific, tournament bass fishing rods.

Proudly handcrafted in the USA, Witch Doctor Tackle rods are built to meet the demands of tournament bass anglers. We do not build pan fishing rods. We do not build saltwater rods. We do not build walleye rods. We build bass fishing rods for tournament bass anglers, and we do so with the same level of precision and commitment that the tournament bass angler puts into every tournament.

We offer over 96 styles of rods that are uniquely designed and built to serve a specific application. To learn more about what goes into a Witch Doctor Tackle rod, visit here.

Witch Doctor Tackle rods and equipment are not available in retail stores. By eliminating the middleman, we feel we can deliver a higher quality product at a better price, and deliver a quality customer experience unlike the mass merchants and chain stores. Thank you for visiting the Doctor. We think we’ve got just what you’re looking for.