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Our Story

We are always asked what sets a Witch Doctor rod apart from any of the other high-end bass fishing rods available today. To us that answer is simple, we build the finest bass fishing rods on the planet that are designed for a bass anglers specific needs, not a “one size fits all” rod.

By working with a network of tournament bass anglers we have produced over 100 prototype rods for testing; this has resulted in the absolute best bass fishing rod for a specific use by an angler. The tournament bass angler is a unique breed and each has an idea of what a rod should do for a given application. Though we offer rods that will perform outstanding for multiple bass fishing applications, we know that specific applications not only deserve, but need a Witch Doctor specific model, which will boat more bass than any other rod made.

We want you to know that when you buy a Witch Doctor rod you are buying the best performing bass fishing rod on the marketing for that certain application. If you try to compare Witch Doctor rods to less expensive, imported, mass produced rods, you will quickly see that we are not in the same league. Our $175 rod is comparable to the $500 rods that you see from other well-known premium rod manufacturers, so before your next fishing trip, see the Doctor for the cure! Witch Doctor Tackle globally sources the finest parts, then, handcrafts their rods in the USA to produce versatile rods that will break the fish, NOT your wallet.

In the case of Witch Doctor Rods you truly get what you pay for and more!