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Its 11:13, the sun has set, the day is coming to a close and I’m just finishing up putting fresh line on all my Lews Baitcasters paired with new Witch Doctor Tackle Rods. I was asked to write a review on Witch Doctor rods, I quickly responded with “I am all in.”

Witch Doctor Tackle Rod Line UpI could write about the amazing balance and sensitivity and how the grip contour fits so comfortably in my hand, and that would be a good review, I would give it five stars, but when it comes down to it that is not what I want to say. My honest review is that Witch Doctor is a growing company making a superior product that I am proud to be apart of. I try to apply the idea of living “all in” when I make any life decision, which takes me all the way back to my Minnesota Youth and high school hockey days, where I gave everything to the sport I loved.

Since then my passion has shifted to fishing and with the 2018 FLW Central Costa series fast approaching I’m reminded to go at this with the “all in” attitude. I have done everything in my power to be prepared for the upcoming fishing season, buying the best equipment, ensuring the boat is mechanically sound and that my truck is ready to make the trip south to Missouri. The most important thing I have done in preparation for this year is by getting my mind right and being mentally prepared for whatever comes my way. Thinking to myself, that if I’m only able to do this once, I needed to have equipment that I can trust, and the backbone of that equipment is my Witch Doctor rods. I fully believe that each rod I have set up is a tool for me to go out and be successful.

I am “all in” and Witch Doctor Tackle rods is what got me here.

Gunnar Meger

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