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Don’t Miss Bass this Spring on a ChatterBait



We all know that fishing a vibrating jig, like the ChatterBait in the spring for bass is a great way to cover water and generate a reaction strike out of the bass.

When fishing a moving bait like the ChatterBait it is common that anglers may miss a bass when they strike or come off while on the way to the boat.  We recently caught up with long-time FLW Tour Pro MIke Surmam, “a fellow Tour Pro was telling me how he recently lost five good bass in a row on a ChatterBait, this obviously didn’t sit well with him,” said Surman.  “So I told him and explained to him how the Witch Doctor Tackle Kahuna eliminates these missed bass.

The Kahuna is truly the best ChatterBait rod made, as our philosophy is the softer the tip the less chance of losing a fish when hooked.

Here is a video of Witch Doctor Tackle pro, Glenn Walker with an early-season big Minnesota bass on a ChatterBait using the Kahuna 7’4″ Heavy.

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