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Power, Precision, Versatility; The Hydrilla Gorilla Is King of the Jungle



One rod to rule them all? Okay, maybe not. But one rod to handle just about anything you can throw at it? Absolutely!

The Hydrilla Gorilla is the ultimate in big sticks, boasting traditional Florida flippin’ hardware, but with a unique blank that allows for more than just one-ounce tungsten weights.

In the summer when fish move offshore or into thick cover there’s a myriad of ways you can catch them, but it can certainly be a bit of a mess to have 25 rods on the deck as you try to figure out how to get those fish to fire up. The Hydrilla Gorilla allows you to keep one rod in your hand as you swap through presentations throughout your day. Heavy jig dragging, magnum spoon ripping, slow-rolling 8’ paddletails, even deep cranking, and 1-ounce spinnerbait fishing. The moderate action and parabolic nature of the specialized X75 graphite blank will absorb the strain of large presentations and takes the fatigue out of techniques that typically leave your arms burning and begging for mercy.

Rated to 6 ounces, yes you read that correctly there is no task too big for the mightiest of the flipping sticks in the Witch Doctor Tackle lineup. Game & Fish Magazine called it “a serious flipping stick for anglers looking for an ultra-rugged build, one capable of providing years of trouble-free service under the most inhospitable of conditions.” We build so you can abuse as any hardcore angler does. We put every rod through the wringer so there is no doubt in our mind or yours that when “the one” bites your fishing rod won’t fail you, no matter the circumstances.

Honestly, the biggest issue you might have with the Hydrilla Gorilla is figuring out what you even need your other rods for. Go ahead, punch that mat, sling that glide bait, crank that ledge, we’ve got you covered.

See for yourself why this is the “Summer of the Gorilla” and pick one up today!

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