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Shallow to Deep…Witch Doctor Tackle Rods Catch Bass and Cash Checks!

Lake Minnetonka Bass

From fishing the shallow backwaters of the Mississippi River to the offshore weedlines of Lake Minnetonka, Witch Doctor Tackle rods helped Witch Doctor Tackle pro Glenn Walker cash two nice checks last week.

Glenn first began competing in the Phoenix Bass Fishing League event on Pool 10 of the Mississippi River on August 7th and ended up finishing in 16th place with his three-fish limit weighing 8 lb 4 oz.  Glenn focused on fishing main river rock points and sections of rip rap banks for both smallmouth and largemouth by using a variety of topwater plugs and shallow running crankbaits.

Glenn's BFL Bass
Glenn and his son with two nice smallmouths from the BFL!

“I looked for key points and sections of rock bank that had clean water, baitfish, and the right amount of current,” said Glenn.  “My two main baits were a popper style plug and the Bagley Baits Knocker B (B11), both in a bone color.  In practice, I caught a lot of bass on the Bagley Baits Balsa B1 square bill crankbait as well, but on tournament day the topwaters were key.”

Glenn’s setup was the same for his topwater plugs, a Shaman 7′ H Cranking/Popping rod, with a high-speed reel and 40 lb Seaguar Smackdown braided line.  “The Shaman rod allowed me to make long casts across the rock points and then battle the bass back to the boat and keep them hooked up.”

Just two days following his event on the Mississippi River, Glenn teamed up with partner, Jack Gavin for their Denny’s Super 30 Minnetonka event and the two racked up a nice 19 lb 10 oz limit (six fish), which put them in 7th place.

Unlike his River event where Glenn was fishing shallow rocks, on Minnetonka, the duo fished offshore weed clumps with Ned and Neko Rigs.  “By targeting clean vegetation with schools of bluegill, we were able to find some bigger 3 lb plus largemouth,” said Glenn.

Lake Minnetonka Bass
Glenn and Jack with four of their Lake Minnetonka bass

Glenn fished the Neko Rig (5″ Senko with a nail weight in the tail, rigged on a #2 TroKar Finesse Hook) on a Shaman 7’2″ M spinning rod, with a larger sized spool spinning reel spooled with 30 lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid (Hi-Viz Green), connected to a 10 lb Seaguar Gold Label leader.

“I’ve caught so many bass this season on this rod, reel, and line set-up, I can skip Senko’s around boat docks with it, or fish a Neko Rig in deeper water.  It has a super-sensitive tip, so I can feel what my bait is doing, yet has the backbone to keep a big largemouth out of the weeds, or away from a boat dock,” explained Glenn.

With two events left in each circuit, we wish Glenn the best of luck and know he’ll have the right Witch Doctor Tackle rods to get the job done!

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