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The Big Kahuna…

Witch Doctor Tackle began testing out the Kahuna Custom S-Glass series of rods over two year’s ago.  The initial goal was to develop the best 10XD rod on the market, this was accomplished with the Kahuna 7’10” H.  The Kahuna line up of rods now consists of eight models, in 7′, 7’4″ and 7’10” lengths. The Kahuna is a very unique fiberglass rod that is built in the US, with the concept that the S-Glass provides a rod as light as graphite with all the benefits of glass. People wonder why would I ever want to use a glass rod?

Glenn Walker BassWell a little history lesson here, fiberglass was the material used in the original bass fishing rods.  These rods were heavy e-glass, that rarely would ever have a fish shake off, but your arm would eventually fall off from fishing that old Fenwick Lunker stick all day!  The manufacturing process allows us to utilize aerospace glass (S-Glass) that will give you that super light rod with the flex pattern of e-glass.  We are also able to alter the stiffness with the weave direction of the material allowing you to make a softer tip rod with a freight train butt section and tons of power without adding weight. We use unidirectional weaves in our pre-pregnant material that is laid up to create actions in rods that have never been offered to the market.

Whether you are fishing braided, Fluorocarbon or monofilament line, one of our Kahuna rods will fit the bill.  The Kahuna series of rods excel in all areas of bass fishing, including vibrating jigs which was fished on the Kahuna 7’4″ and yielded this bass.

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