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The Versatility of the Shaman Casting, Hot Rod of the Month Explained

Witch Doctor Tackle Hot Rod of the Month Shaman 6'10" M

Whether you are a die-hard tournament bass angler, or just a bass fishing crazed individual who wants to have the right fishing rod for the job, the current Witch Doctor Tackle Hot Rod of the Month, is a rod you want to have in your arsenal!

There are times when a rod gets pigeon holed as a rod for a certain technique(s) and the rod spends more time in the rod locker than in an angler’s hands.  That is not the case with the Shaman 6’10” Medium Power, Fast Action casting rod, it is fully capable of handling a multitude of applications for any bass angler.

The Shaman rod blank is a 54 Ton High Modulus Graphite, which delivers an extremely lightweight and ultra-sensitive rod, which will give the angler the ability to feel everything going on below the water’s surface.

Shaman Casting Rod Reel SeatFrom finesse fishing Texas-rigged soft plastics or a jig for finicky bass, or tantalizing cold water bass with a spy bait, to throwing a spinnerbait or working a topwater for actively feeding bass, this Shaman Hot Rod of the Month can do it.

Like all Witch Doctor Tackle Rods, this Shaman Hot Rod of the Month is made exclusively for you in our factory in Florida with the absolute best in rod components from ALPS.   Don’t miss out on this ultra-versatile Shaman 6’10” Medium Casting Rod and see what a $600 rod feels, but only pay $215.99!

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