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Three Witch Doctor Tackle Rods to Own

When the Witch Doctor offers up a 25% discount on all the rods in the shop, one may be wondering what three rods would he suggest on getting to start your Witch Doctor Tackle rod collection?

  1.  Shaman Casting Rod 6’10” MH:  This rod is a great choice for a bass fisherman to fish a Texas-rigged soft plastic, from stickworms to creature baits, the soft tip gives you the sensitivity needed to feel the bite, but the backbone to get a big bass out of the heavy cover.  This rod makes an excellent topwater frog rod for those anglers fish matted vegetation.
  2.  Surman 50G Casting Rod 6’10” MH:  For fishing reaction style baits like spinnerbaits, vibrating jigs, or crankbaits, the half glass/half graphite construction of the Surman 50G is a no brainer, and at its price point it allows you to not break the bank!
  3.  Flipping Rod of Your Choice:  Depending on the cover you are fishing and what type of bait you like to flip, Witch Doctor Tackle has several flipping rods to fit the bill and make sure you can feel the bite and get a big bass out of that cover.

Now if you want to up your current Witch Doctor Tackle rod collection, this would be the perfect time to pick up three Kahuna’s!

Don’t delay in picking up one or two of these rods as the 25% off sale ends on December 18th.

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