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Toledo Bend up First for Cole Sands

Cole Sands making a cast with a Witch Doctor Tackle rod.
We are only a little over a month away from kicking off the 2024 Bassmaster Elite Series season and I can’t wait to make my first cast. The first event takes place on the historic Toledo Bend Reservoir, located in Texas.  The event kicks off on February 22nd, which should make it the perfect time for giant bags of prespawn bass to be caught!
There are three Witch Doctor Tackle rods that I plan on using for this event…
1. 7’2″ Surman 50G Medium-Heavy Casting Rod:  When it comes to baits like a lipless crankbait or a Chatterbait this is my go-to rod.  Toledo Bend has a healthy grass population and the Surman series has the perfect strength to rip a bait out of that grass, while the glass blend in the rod helps to keep the fish hooked.
2. 7’6″ Shaman Heavy Casting Rod:  This is the perfect rod for throwing big glide baits and big line-through swimbaits. Toledo Bend has some absolute giant bass in it, and you better believe I’ll be targeting them with this setup.
3. 7’2″ Shaman Medium-Light Spinning Rod:  Toledo Bend bass love to get in drains and ditches and chase bait. I plan on using this rod to fish a drop shot and a Damiki Rig to catch bass in those areas.
Cole Sands holding up a big pre-spawn largemouth bass.From all of us at Witch Doctor, we wish Cole the best of luck as he begins his sophomore season on the Bassmaster Elite Series.

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