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Fall Bassin’ Blitz

Witch Doctor Tackle Pro Staff Glenn Walker and tournament partner Jack Gavin hit up a small lake this fall to chase some big largemouth as they were beginning their fall feeding binge.  What they found were shallow water bass pounding buzzbaits and hiding in tree’s.

Buzzbait Rod – Shaman 7’2″ MH
“I selected this rod because it has the power to get a bass turned away from the cover, but a soft tip so the bait would not get pulled out of the bass’s mouth when they hit.”

Pitchin’ Rod – Voodoo II 7’2″ H
“This rod became my go to all-around pitchin’/casting a Texas-rigged soft plastic rod, as it’s power will get a bass out from underneath a dock, or as shown in the video a tree, yet it’s sensitivity allows me to feel every strike.”

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