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Prepping for Grand Lake

Photo May 13, 11 24 01 AM

Glenn Walker with 2 Buzzbait bassWitch Doctor Tackle Pro, Glenn Walker, has one thing on his mind in the coming weeks, and that is Grand Lake. Walker qualified for the TH Marine BFL Regional out of the Great Lakes division and will be headed down to Grand Lake, in Grove, Oklahoma to compete in the BFL Regional on October 20th – 22nd.

This will be the fifth BFL Regional that Glenn has competed in, the first though on Grand Lake.  Although Glenn has been to Grand Lake once before when he fished a Toyota Series event there in 2014.  “That tournament was my first time fishing a tournament out of MN or WI, so it was quite the eye-opening experience for me,” said Glenn.  “It was a good learning experience for me and to be able to go back to up Grand for the Regional now has me pretty excited!”

Grand is primarily known as a spring bass fishing hot spot, as Grand sees numerous 200-plus boat tournaments throughout the summer, so by the time the fall comes around, the bass have been pressured all season long and the bite can be sporadic at times.  We chatted with Glenn as to what he has planned for Grand…

“Grand has A LOT of boat docks, and is probably the most well-known boat dock fishery in the country, just behind Lake of the Ozark.  So I’ll for sure have a jig and Texas-rig set up for flipping boat docks.  Being that Grand has some big bass, and the boat dock systems are quite large, with a lot of steel cables and metal, I don’t want to give the bass a chance to wrap me up, so I’ll be flipping my baits on a Shaman 7’6″ Extra-Heavy Flipping rod with 22 lb Seaguar TATSU.”

“As temperatures start to drop in the mid-south, the water temperatures will also drop and start to push the bait back into the creeks, which will have the bass following.  How fast the bass move back is always the question, but two topwater baits that I’ll for sure be tossing are a Whopper Plopper and a War Eagle Buzz Toad buzzbait.  Both of these topwaters are well known for catching Ozark region bass in the fall and can be fished along rocky banks, around boat docks, or adjacent to flooded wood.  The Kahuna 7’4″ Heavy casting rod to me is the ultimate Whopper Plopper Rod, and with 40 lb Seaguar Smackdown Braid, I feel confident that I can put my bait behind boat docks and get a bass back to the boat.  For my Buzz Toad, I’ll use a little shorter rod so when I’m around boat docks, I can get my buzzbait in those tight spots, so a Shaman 7′ Heavy casting rod will be in my hand.”

We wish Glenn the best of luck in a few weeks on Grand, and that he can catch three solid limits of bass, that will put him in the top six spots, so he’ll qualify for the 2023 BFL All-American.

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